Protect your kegs during COVID-19 shutdowns

Bar Management, Restaurant Operations - March 18, 2020 Written By: Bevchek

COVID-19 has disrupted more than our businesses at this point – it has disrupted our way of life. As the hospitality industry shuts down in various areas, people are asking what they should be doing to protect their draft systems.  Below are some simple actions you can take regarding your draft beer system and how to best protect it for the coming weeks.

If you are required to temporarily close doors to guests, here are the steps that should be taken for your draft system (pictures below):

(1) Turn off the gas system. Look for the cutoff switches and turn 90 degrees to the “arm” of the valve is perpendicular to the gas tube. Turn off every switch. (2) Unhook all your kegs. Clean the coupler with hot water and a small amount of soap then clean the top of the keg spear with the same solution (where the small metal ball is on the keg). Rinse both areas with water thoroughly and allow to dry. Wrap both with plastic wrap and tape to seal. (3) If you have a cleaning keg/tank, flush the beer lines and leave them full of water. If you do not, leave the lines full of beer. (4) Clean and seal your faucets. Using warm water, soap and a brush, scrub and wash the outside of the faucets, the bottom of the tap head and the inside of the faucet “tube”. Once dry, wrap tightly with plastic wrap and use tape to seal.

*If you have a faucet wrench, disassemble the faucet and completely clean.

Note: Temperature is everything for beer. Keep the cooler as cold as possible for as long as possible. Beer will last inside the keg for 90 days at room temperature but much longer in a colder environment.

In this trying time, please let us know how if we can help, but more than anything, we strongly encourage you and your employees to monitor updates from the CDC and WHO, and keep your families and customers safe during these challenging times.

Let's help each other and stay healthy.

About Bevchek:

Bevchek creates custom technology to provide accurate, reliable information about draft beverage programs. Our systems utilize flow, sales, temperature, inventory, and menus to maximize profits for our clients. Please reach out to us if you need help with your draft beer system during this time. We are in this together.

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