Strategies For Automating Restaurant Operations

Restaurant Operations - November 14, 2019 Written By: TouchBistro

In the hospitality business, who doesn’t want to streamline? Efficient operations are good for everyone. You won’t waste time on repetitive tasks. You won’t pay personnel for work you could automate. Employees will be less frustrated. Customers will enjoy better experiences. And you’ll be free to invest in the areas of your business that matter most.

Is improving operations at your restaurant a high priority? Are you interested in becoming more productive and more profitable? Here are some suggestions that can help you determine how best to automate your restaurant’s operations.

Install Self-Ordering Kiosks Make orders faster, easier, and more accurate by putting the power to place them in the hands of your customers. With self-ordering kiosks, your restaurant speaks the language of speed and efficiency. Millennials love this. Kiosks also streamline staffing by allowing the customer to handle what an employee would otherwise be tasked with doing. Offer Online Ordering Give your customers the option to order before entering your restaurant. It’s a smart move because it automates ordering and speeds up service. Patrons no longer need to wait in line to request their food. Customers also may be inclined to spend more when they order online, where a lack of social interaction prevents any inhibitions. Make Drinks Automated While the idea of self-serve soda is nothing new, today’s automated drink machines have many more bells and whistles than in the past. Install a touchscreen drink server to give patrons dozens or even a hundred beverage possibilities, all of which they can serve themselves at your site. Or take the idea up a notch with automated bartenders or self-serve beer. New systems offer the means to track who’s dispensing alcohol with radio frequency enabled wristbands or cards. You can even control how many drinks are allowed per order.

Use Online Staff Scheduling The back of the house can benefit from technology as much as the customer side does. One example is scheduling. With an online restaurant scheduling platform, you can eliminate missed messages or human error. A platform can track hours in real time, putting everyone on the same page. There also are automated scheduling programs that can analyze past schedules and design future schedules accordingly. This can translate into a huge reduction in labor costs. Take Advantage of a POS System One of the best ways to boost restaurant efficiency is with an automated POS system. This tool can handle many restaurant tasks with precision and speed. Empower your servers to place orders at the table faster while receiving reminders to upsell. An automatic POS system also can provide payment processing, floor plan management, staff management, and menu tracking. Consider Robotics Could robots be the new wave of restaurant efficiency? Some restaurant managers and owners believe they can. Today, robots are taking on the repetitive cooking tasks, freeing employees for more creative endeavors. Some eateries are considering drone delivery to maximize their sales per square foot and speed up order fulfillment. While investing in these types of technology can require a significant upfront investment, it’s one that won’t involve salaries or overtime.

As these six examples demonstrate, there are many possibilities for adding technology to today’s restaurants. By incorporating a few methods into your operations, you can boost efficiency, give diners a more positive experience, and significantly cut your costs. It’s all possible by automating key aspects of your restaurant operations. Whether you own a fast-casual place or full-service restaurant, appropriate technology could be the game-changer your business needs.

Author bio: Dana Krook is Content Marketing Specialist at TouchBistro, a restaurant POS provider for restaurants. She focuses on sharing tips for and stories of restaurateurs turning their passion into success.

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